Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sci-fi Sex Cloud

Nope nowt to do with the Torchwood episode "Day One" but inspired by Phillipa Warr's rather lovely Art's In The Right Place blog, a word cloud based on an extended essay that I wrote as part of my degree coursework:

(Image created by

The essay was titled The Doctor Dances: The Queering of Television Science Fiction in Doctor Who and The X-Files. Reading it back four years after the event it does strikes me as a little naive in places and perhaps a little too keen to chuck in theories and theorists that I knew would go down well with my tutor. Having said that. I can't help grinning at myself devoting a few hundred words in an academic paper to John Barrowman's naked backside. Aaaah happy days.

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Jen B said...

My goodness, I'm sold! Any chance you'd share this lovely bit of academia? (You don't even know me, so I'd understand "No." But I had to ask.)