Monday, 30 November 2009

Like A Bad Tempered Badger

Um yess - okay so this has been gathering dust of late, the blame can be placed on, well me, coupled with the acquisition of a Playstation 3 and ongoing family dramas, neither of which have exactly helped with my good intentions of maintaining this blog. The arrival of winter hasn't helped either - as usual as soon as the clocks turned back my get up and go got up and went leaving me with the desire to do nothing but hide under a duvet growling at the world like a bad tempered badger.

But tomorrow is the 1st December and thus the beginning of a little thing called 100 Days to Make a better person which, thanks to the tweets of the marvellous Josie Long I found myself signing up to and making the rash promise to write at least 300 words about a work of art every day for 100 days. Well I'm determined to do it, although I have in the meantime decided to broaden the scope of my pledge a tad. Originally I'd intended to stick to writing about visual art, but on reflection I think it's probably going to give me more of a chance of actually suceeding in this task if I broaden my definition of art to include books, music, film, tv - whatever happens to be floating my boat at the time.

So there we go - 30,000 words of my meandering rambles to come - isn't the internet lucky.

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